Find Success NOW, Without Recruiting!

Gathering knowledge is not a neutral activity. It creates responsibility both to self and those within reach. In the technological era NOW that reach is far and wide.

A problem that seems technical and complicated is only so NOW. Once having “knuckled down” and attacking a challenge one creates a formula for success or identifies a way to not approach the same challenge in future NOW moments.

It is often temping to think the problem is too complicated and decide the solution is hiding somewhere in the details. When one decides NOW is a time to think, do not neglect to be informed by any and all past experiences of both self and others.

Once one makes a choice, NOW is the time to commit and take action. In the end as long as a lesson has been learned to apply in future moments NOW, the ordeal is not a failure regardless of the outcome.


When facing a confusing or challenging choice be sure to learn. Not learning NOW removes the opportunity for a satisfactory solution to be realized in a great way.

Learning alone is only part of the journey. Start a business and start getting paychecks but still not learning? Well those checks will only reach such a number and stop growing or start failing until the learning continues.

Create successful ad campaigns online for business at a conversion rate to sales of 10-15%? Fantastic! What happens when copy pasting that campaign to others? Yeah the results get harder and harder to achieve until one understands what leads to the satisfactory conversion. Mastery occurs when 10-15% is just the starting point and one becomes the expert.

Sure a solution to making it work has been found but without understanding why how will the process ever improve? To find incredible success at anything one must not be afraid to do what is needed to become “the expert”. Becoming the expert is to the student as the expert is to a master.

The expert of the craft does not really mean mastering the “fine print” but grasping the complexities of the whole picture. Understanding why “it” works and accepting the reasoning for this the truths behind “its” success.

Get a mentor! Consulting an expert can bring tremendous value and in the end is it any different than trying to understand “the fine print” or find a “magic formula”? Even after consulting the experts, studying the past, learning the fine print one must still make a choice.

In a 925 situation one learns, does and gets paid. Being self-employed one is taught, does and then teaches. Go find a mentor to partner with in the pursuit of dreams NOW!


How to Get Leads NOW, Without Selling

I’m curious, is the title of this post of importance NOW? If yes then would it be okay to ask a question?

When talking to anyone friend, family or new contact on the street what is purpose?

Is the action an act of desperation to put a bit more in the pocket or an act of service, helping the unique community as only each of us can? Be of service, get to know the contact. Until one feels valued no suggestion will matter. Build rapport, be classy, create emotional not rational connections.

Simply being a “nice” person is not gonna cut it. Building rapport is not about being a charming snake but bringing value. Getting to know the person and not the needs that can be fished from them by steering a conversation but what is learned when contacts express a need.

One’s true purpose will show to a prospect that is even half awake. Can we agree that half efforts get one nowhere? Half way being desperate and half way being professional is 100 percent indecision. Not being 100 percent committed then how can anyone be expected to follow?

That indecision will be interpreted as doubt and create a barrier to gaining customers and recruits. The impression of not being totally transparent does not bring value when approaching someone.


Why approach anyone?!? When feeling the need to approach someone, stop! Ask what has been done wrong where approaching anyone NOW seems like a good idea. When the product or service offered is the solution being looked for then living out the system should create an opportunity for people to approach on their own.

When bringing value those who need “it” will come. Does the candle chase the moth? No the candle provides light and heat which draws the moths prey. Be the candle burning brightly providing a solution to draw in those needed

Remember when bringing value recruiting and sharing the product or service NOW should be something done FOR others not something done TO others.

Do not share a link or business card in the first meeting! What happens to that fancy, shiny, colored mail flyer from Direct TV or others? It’s been known by many for centuries that people don’t want to be sold but rather like to make choices. Show such a genuine interest in another that they too express an interest. Only when one wants to see a solution should it be offered, never before.

Be of service, bring value! Matt 25:40. A favorite question when hearing a problem shared with a known solution is, “When do you want to hear a solution to that?” Keep what is needed for demonstrations on hand too that in each NOW moment the best value can be shared!

When mastering Aristotle’s 4 cardinal values, Prudence, Temperance, Courage, and Justice interested leads should flow naturally to the business.

Mario Then and NOW

I remember as a kid learning the patterns of Mario. What happened when and where to complete each level. Things have changed a bit with time.

Some things remain the same. Hit a block and get the ability to fly, shoot fire, flash in rainbows seemingly untouchable. Every Mario fan has their favorite perk.

Flying is great but I see no need to feel the falling crash feeling.

Shooting fire may be cool for dragons but don’t people use supplements to keep stomach, digestion and cholesterol on a GREAT level?


Flashing multiple colors may be cool when in the 20’s but one learns this simply is not healthy. Besides the invincibility isn’t as it feels to be. We can all agree the price is paid in the days and often years after.

Nah I will take the bigger, better and more style to life. Who wants to live longer, have more strength, better energy, an increased pep in the step when going up the stairs?

Which brings us to the plus size mushroom. Nobody knows how long their life will last but everyone can live more NOW!

When that moment of reflection comes, and it will, is life going to have passed by or will the moment be of remembering a great life?


Your Fish Aren’t Looking NOW

Most people would see that title and wonder what’s going on. How do fish have anything to do with accomplishing goals, pursuing success and taking action NOW?!?

“The Fish” are the best kept secret to addressing fears associated with tasks and learning the lessons needed to move forward NOW!

The answer is as simple as the question asked and lies in a story about Louis Agassiz, an American scientist in the 19th century. See Louis was an expert on glaciers, fossil fish, and living fish. He was also a teacher.

When Louis taught classes at the university level new students were ‘broken in’ with a seeming;y simple task. When graduate students first joined Agassiz’s lab, they were given a tray containing a small, ordinary fish.

Agassiz would tell students to study the fish without damaging it. To observe, read about the fish and talk to others about it.

Remember that first great business idea or first direct sales opportunity and dreaming the money would just come rolling in simply? This is just what the students thought of their assignment.

Thinking this assignment minor, after a short time students would return to Agassiz to report what they had learned. Lacking interest in their reports, the students learned they were expected to do more than glance at their fish.

The results needed to understand their fish did not come after a few hours, days or even several weeks. Mastering every intimate detail happens over a period of time. By the end of the assignment students knew their fish better than anyone else and had moved from student to expert status.

In fact they learned an even greater lesson. More than the patterns of scales, coloring of the eyes and other fish details they mastered the value of learning! They mastered the importance of developing an attention to detail and what can only be learned through continuous hard work.

Be consistent in pursuits that efforts can be measured towards learning. The teacher did earn their title after a few simple efforts and over night. When thinking everything is figured out put that big head down and learn more!

“Look at your fish” until what is not NOW known becomes known!!! Analyze the results and be creative in developing a plan to accomplish the goals of the heart.

Forget the status quo, stop worrying about others opinions,  and take action NOW! Remember no passing grade will be earned until the student learns what has been put in front of them.

What If Mom Died NOW?!?

It is nearly Mother’s Day again and thoughts are drifting to how short life can be. It is easy to get wrapped up in the moment NOW. Especially when living by excuses and ignoring all that past moments have to teach.

Most people go through life on their tip toes as if time were a limitless resource. In the US life expediencies do not even reach 80 years as an average. In fact life expectancy varies greatly by county!

Most people hope to live 80+ years and accomplish great things with a lifetime. I’m curious how many people have only lived to their early 40’s?

Oh! That’s HALF way to 80!!!

My mother-46 yrs

Marvin Gaye-44 yrs

Paul Walker-40 yrs

John Lennon-40 yrs

Joey Feek-40 yrs

There are excellent lists online that show most do not live to 40!

James 4:13 says, “Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit”. Today or tomorrow? Sounds like a dream more than a goal.

“Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” – James 4:14.

Proverbs 27:1 says, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” There are many other scripture references that support a short or fleeting life.

Proverbs 10:4 suggests to have a fuller moment not to delay in taking action. This is wisdom dating back thousands of years yet still most people live a lifestyle of delay.

If life were about the destination would it not be called Death? No life happens in the space between birth and death so why waste it putting anything off until another time?

What can be done NOW to actually live each moment to its fullest and show the greatest appreciation for Mom?

Gold brick vs Goldbrick

While the “gold brick” analogy allows one to carry on offering the product, service or opportunity in the face of rejections is there more to it?

The analogy is not simply about bricks of gold. Gold bricks vs goldbrick is no different than the struggle within each person every moment of NOW vs Later.

Sure there are golden opportunities, products and services out there. The products or services offered by others direct to one’s mailbox are better in price as advertising can be cut.

As with anything do the research. Remember the single most expensive thing to own is ignorance!


Sadly, following the Pareto Principle 80% of people or “it” frankly sucks.

Most people suck, most of the time when compared to others in any given area or aspect of life. No Cynicism this is a truth in life. One can find a pyramid system in nearly every aspect of life.

Church. 20% of the church is the Pastor/ Pope and other leadership at the top. In the seats faithfully each and every Sunday are most people. At the bottom are those Holiday visitors, come 1-2 times a month or when feeling low in life types.

Business. 20% of the people hold 80% of the money while 80% share the other 20%.

The J.O.B. situation? CEO and board members are the 20% at the top making 80% of the decisions and money. Management and other employees get paid the 20% left over and make little decisions.

So golden bricks. In every action and area of life to be in the top 20% one must be providing others a gold brick. The first step NOW is to make a change NOW!

Jim Rohn once said, “Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process”. Whether giving or receiving if junk is exchanged that’s no good!

Is the fantastic opportunity the best that one is aware of or goldbricking the family, friends and anyone else in order to line pockets?

Is the business started to transform the lives of as many lives as possible? Is the business model to pass off as many goldbricks possible? People realize the efforts invested no matter how well hidden.

Being real and assuming all people intend to be good… *retch* I choose NOT to say that. Most people are selfish and want to be good! Thinking it will not turn dreams into truth.

How does one defend against hard earned money serving as pocket lining?!? By doing research!

What can be learned about the product, service or business?

What do they know about the business and how do the two “truths” align?

What is being asked of one’s role with the product, service or opportunity?

What does the salesperson gain collecting others investment of trust and $$$?

How long must one use the product, service or pursue the opportunity to satisfy expectations and define value?

These are simple truths in theory yet difficult to take a moment and define. Doing so will put one at a level beyond average in all things pursued.

Looking at a new diet pill or other product, service or business then be sure and get the best possible from it!

DO the home work NOW or fail the class! Starting a business without an awareness of these key questions will result in failure 80% of the time or more.

It does not take much to grab paint and turn a brick gold. Going out into the world to create a gold brick and then giving it away is a totally different matter.

In each moment NOW one must define whether to be a gold brick or a goldbrick.

To Be Like Sisyphus or Not NOW?

Greek mythology tells the story of Sisyphus. The self-aggrandizing founder and king of Corinth condemned in Tartarus for his  craftiness and deceit.  His punishment was an eternity pushing a boulder up a hill, then watching it roll down again hitting him.

In life are we not all pushing a proverbial rock?!? For the sake of this post and the analogy let this be truth regardless of one’s personal view.

So does one push their “rock” uphill or choose the easy path, pushing across the flat ground?


Pro vs Con of rock across the ground;

Pro – Pushing rock across the ground is easier
Con – No matter where one goes there is still the same rock to push

Pro – Pushing rock across the ground one gets to new places
Con – One cannot see around the rock to decide make informed choice in direction

Pro – There is little risk of injury in the rock falling back on oneself when stumbling
Con – Moving across flat ground is monotonous and the view doesn’t change
(The only option is to be just a rock pusher)

Pro vs con of committing to push the rock up “the hill”

Pro – One gains much greater strength and skills in pushing the rock uphill
Con – The rock becomes infinitely more challenging to push uphill

Pro – Getting to the top one will be able to see where they are and where to go next
Con – When stumbling the rock may cause injury, slowing or stopping the desire to push anymore

Pro – When getting to the top the rock will very easily go downhill
Con – When going downhill the rock moves very quickly and often quite suddenly

Pro – Many different methods often are required to get to the top
Con – Many methods indicated many ways to “fail” in attempts

The more challenges faced, the more opportunities to grow, the more one keeps pushing and the more past experience there is to inform one of what to do NOW. Whichever way one chooses to live NOW the level of investment matches the value gained!

When finding the temptation to question the choice another makes it is important to ask why. Looking to another for the purpose of learning brings value where simply degrading their choice brings the opposite. Not only has one’s own progress across flat ground or uphill been stopped to judge another but learning and growth stops completely.