NOW Is The Grass Greener?!?

Ever stop to analyze why the “grass” looks better over there than here, then or NOW?

The proverbial grass appears greener when the task of one’s own lawn care is more daunting to look at than the neighbor’s yard. Something that needs to be addressed NOW is being ignored when looking to others.

Most people learn by their 20’s, easier is rarely better. Run from an issue and it will come right back until addressed.

The curious fact is when how few considering something new will be vicious in analyzing the details!

Any good salesman can present a product/ service or opportunity as “the bee’s knees”. Any person male or female can seduce a partner while few learn to woe them.

Why does each new partnership at first satisfy emotional desire, then turns out just as toxic as others? How was that partnership started? Bet the whole thing was based in charm and not creating value.

Yet there is more to why one still looks to the neighbors lawn!

In all things, how a partnership begins will be as tantamount to long term success as breathing is to life. Would one plant a garden of all corn when tomatoes are craved?!? No.

Is the moment NOW worth so little as to allow others to decide it? There is work in deciding how each moment will be spent instead of following every charming salesperson. Not doing the work brings a less than green lawn.


Most people fail to stop long enough to analyze the past, accept responsibility and create a plan for moving forward NOW.

1. What role will a partner play in one’s life?

2. What solutions do they bring to challenges NOW being faced?

3. What will life look like when unable to partner with exactly the ideal person the heart desires?

To woe another, become the best expert in how another may answer these questions. When the heart’s deepest desire has been determined and then broken down into smaller steps then simple tasks the likelihood of making the wrong choice is low.

To compare something proposed to what the heart dreams of is natural. Without first defining what the heart desires one can choose toxic more times than sweet.

For most the human heart seems to have a pattern of pursuing bigger, better and more. Some pursue drugs, alcohol and sexual partners, while others new projects, time at the gym with a vicious zeal. When the root cause for the heart’s desire has been satisfied everything changes NOW.

The heart changes from seeking bigger, better and more to a focus of maintenance, improvement and development. The shift is one from gluttony and self-aggrandizing behavior to caring and humble service.

These rules or truths can be applied to every area of life. Stop NOW long enough to be informed by the past in any area not 100% satisfied and become informed enough to determine why the grass is not greener on this side of the fence.


8 Steps to Take NOW

Another fantastic Friday! Not sure how to “shoot for the moon” with that next personal or business venture? The checklist below will greatly enhance the speed and likelihood of satisfying what the heart is craving NOW. Not following this checklist in pursuit of goals is like trying to get to the moon with a car!


1. Follow the leaders of leaders Psalm 1:1

2. Be aware of self and the business or pursuit 1 Peter 5:8

Use a NOW perspective journal. How many times must one hear the same suggestion before doing what is suggested?!? Link included again to make it obvious!

3. Start with a plan of how long and what investment will be given.

Luke 4 Jesus did not falter as he knew his place in the plan. Each action taken, each tribulation endured Jesus stayed focused on what the end goal was. Despite how hard the task, like Jesus, anything can be endured when staying focused on the end goal or result. Luke 22:42

4. Be diligent in all aspects. Proverbs 10:4

Each thought brought to action or word is a result of the seeds planted in the mind and heart. Be diligent in feeding the mind correctly to bring the best crop from the seeds of the heart’s desire.

5. Follow the clearly defined plan and not fears, worries conscious or subconscious. Matt 6:25

This also shows in how Jesus behaved when following the path God put on his heart in Luke, well the whole New Testament.

6. Make it about more than the product, service, or opportunity. Bring value and be of service that what gifts have been given can be used to grow into more! Matt 25:14-30

7. Be a part of a team and build a purposed team to become a leader among the leaders. Eccl. 4:12

Like any business owner who hires employees one is able to leverage the use of gifts with a network of partners. Same in marriage a person finds a partner strong where one has found a pattern of weakness using their strengths to support their partners weakness.

8. Get out of the “house” Luke 19:12

The stats support greater increase in relationships when leaving home. Most entrepreneurs gain the greatest success upon moving to a new town or city.

Remember no matter how great that product, service, opportunity or new person may be it is worthless when presented incorrectly. What good is kitchen ware with no kitchen? The best car is worth what to one with no license? The most attractive relationship or partnership will only destroy when the provided strengths aren’t used.

NOW is all one has so do not delay or “fold the hands”. Become aware of the patterns in one’s actions and the direct environment. Otherwise the moment will come and life has passed by without satisfying the heart’s purpose!

The past is meant to inform the same as a watch and calendar help organize. So organize the past with a NOW perspective journal to best spend the time that is given. Remember dreaming of the future NOW is an indication the heart wants more and it wants it NOW!

What To Do NOW!?!

Walking around the corner of a building a wasp flies past. Immediately the pulse increases and memories of being stung by reaching for the mail flash through the mind. Will these memories, increased pulse and fear be what stops forward progress?

Stop heading towards the building, accepting fear or continue? Ignoring the fear one would become aware the wasp nests above the door being approached are from a past season. Just like the memories of pain, the old nests do not equal an absolute risk of failure.

Being rational one would realize a wasp is likely to be found where wasp have bred in the past. Does a hunter not find bears and panthers along a ridge near water? These are simple facts of life.

The wasp does not live to sting, the panther/ bear is not on the ridge hunting for human prey. Poke the nest sticking a hand in a mailbox or threaten the young of a wild animal and duh!

The mind can be friend or enemy. NOW is all about what seeds are being planted. The battle is in the thoughts. Battle is waged over choice NOW, 24/7, 168 a week and all of a year.

This has been said before. Even by me here. The mind is like the car traveled in daily. One needs something reliable which quickly and safely navigate situations traveling towards destinations NOW.

In warm climate areas like Florida a Porsche is fantastic. Perfectly suited for that environment and what about when it snows and one lives in Colorado?


Just like the right car in the wrong place the mind can work for or against a person. This is just another benefit of being aware of one’s patterns.

If one’s Porsche is spinning it’s tires in the snow covered Colorado driveway how long will the gas pedal be pressed? How long will one keep doing the same things and expecting a different result?!?

This is why life coaches are so popular and of such value. In life people are neither at the beginning or the end of the driveway. Most people are sitting in the warm comfort of their Porsche hitting the gas trying to get somewhere.

Meanwhile the car is sideways, tires spinning, and soon unless a change is made that beautiful car is going to hit a tree.

Hiring a coach allows one to become aware of more than can be seen through a windshield that has become covered in snow and dirt while trying to navigate the driveway.

Want to know a GREAT secret? That NOW journal will give one the same ability to fully see the “driveway” that one’s life!

One will not see the whole journey from where one is NOW, stuck, to the destination. Rather using a NOW journal will allow a more complete view of the situation. What can be lost trying? Clearly sitting in comfort and hitting the gas has not gotten the car very far.

Will NOW be the moment a change is made or will that beautiful car which is a life hit a tree like some midlife crisis moment?!?


Time To Shake Things Up NOW!

Look living for the NOW is all about freedom, abundance, creating passion! Being aware of more than simply one’s surrounds but also patterns in choice and the responses of those that make up the immediate community.

What does this have to do with anything? While consistency is paramount in so many pursuits one must be aware of patterns that get stale and take opportunities to “shake it up” in the pursuit of the heart’s deepest desires.

This Friday the usual blog post was skipped to…

Go PEACOCK hunting!!!!
Initial thought was this made for an incredible advertising opportunity. Yet the NOW moment was about getting to a coffee shop and setting up the Friday NOWperspective blog post.

Eh. Going on a Peacock hunt was a much better use of time. Shook up routine the way a good exercise program boosts blood flow.

Getting stuck in the rigidity of one’s pursuits of consistency can be detrimental to pursuing a life of abundance. Even if the choice to be disciplined comes from self remember to take moments of complete abandonment.

No different than the Risky Business script where Tom Cruise plays the role of an over worked student.

The owner of this particular Peacock was a sweet lady and the owner of an investment firm. They paid for the bird and decorated it with all sorts of colorful exchange tape and other Wall street themed items.18109645_1280701242037761_1671315854_n

After a Google search, that indicated the history of these birds began in 2011 for a 2012 parade, I saw about 10 different birds. The hunt NOW took a whole new level. I chose to find all the birds!

Climbing 4 stories for a ‘birds eye’ view is when I spotted the Wall street Peacock. Unfortunately this plan also indicated the location of the local Police station.


Actually the Police station is where I found this Thanksgiving looking fellow. Honestly in a town this small one might think the Police had more time to decorate.

Hey! Let’s hope their skills go more towards community service than painting. How many think this guy is dressed like a Pilgrim?!?


Ha! An elderly lady may have been unnecessarily bothered for this picture. Clearly NOT a Peacock! When the time provides going on a 4 mile walk exploring old towns that predate the Civil War can be great fun!

This yard even boasted a bit of yard art that really puts my jokes to rest. Of course those pictures can be requested through PM or by following me on Facebook.

Should a judging go down this bird would win!

Photogenic – 2/10

Detail – 10/10

Attention – 10/10

Bravery – 10/10 (To get this photo there was a wonderful opportunity to stand in the intersection of a 4 lane road…

Remember in each NOW moment to bring value. Do not neglect self lest the efforts to serve and benefit others become as forced as the structured self-leadership being practiced. “Shake things up”, “smell the roses”, or like in Risky Business sometimes just say, “#uc4 it!”

Easter, Excuses and NOW

History records certain facts regardless of religious affiliation. Like the Easter story of Jesus, Herod, and Pontius Pilate. Here the focus of past events will be a little different than what many heard in Church over this past weekend. Sure one could focus on the resurrection story yet what I see is an example of a person not responding well in the moment.

Will the moment be like when Pilate interrogated, came to know Jesus, yet passed Jesus off to Herod in Luke 23:7? Pilate interviewed Jesus, Luke 23:4, and found no fault. In Luke 23:22 Pilate states again he did not see any reason to kill Jesus.
Yet when the people stood up crying for Jesus to be crucified did Pilate not yield to their wishes taking the easy road? No different NOW when one puts the dreams or wishes of the heart on hold at the recommendation of others.


Pilate sacrificed his own character in that moment he chose not to face the people’s fury. In his heart Pilate saw Jesus to be undeserving of death. If the resurrection story evokes emotion NOW how Pilate must have felt then!

Will the moment NOW be surrendered to the wants of others, the situation or circumstances? Rather one should take up their own cross and do what the heart yearns for.

Developing with each action one’s response ability and character, building on the sacrifice of previous moments. Be like Jesus facing the greatest burden; the weight of everyone’s sin.

If Jesus endured what history shows as fact regardless of religious affiliation then surely in each moment NOW one can endure the misconduct and uncomfortable pressures of others. Let the actions and words NOW be a reflection of the character and integrity of self rather than affected by others.

Clearly my religious affiliation is known. So for those who do not doubt and know the blood speaks I have a question. If His blood can speak and the blood of Abel too then shouldn’t the yearning of the heart where Jesus dwell be listened to?

Jesus and Abel both were faithful to God’s desire until death. Ephesians 3:17, “so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love.” The tattoo over my heart is a statement of John 14:23, a statement of the Spirit dwelling there.

With each excuse then is one not making the statement of lacking in faith? A choice to ignore what God puts on the heart choosing to dwell in fear of putting personal wishes before His?

For those who do not follow biblical teachings I pose the same question differently. When eating right, going to the gym helping others before self is there not the blessing of health, fitness and good “feels”?

Following the karma view where good intentions and deeds contribute to future happiness. So would an action yielding to fear, excuses, not build an energy contributing to a denial of self? Not following the heart’s desire planting seeds of running from one’s own self?

There is no Venn diagram when looking at choices and cause/ effect angles of life or how what one plants determines what will be sown. Do not be like Pilate and allow other’s actions determine the course of the moment NOW. What happens NOW will be the determination of one’s life.




Where to Find Salt NOW

Farmers know what most people forget. Choose the right soil and fertilize appropriately when planting certain seed to reap the best results. 2 Corinthians 9:6 is a favorite verse to describe what one reaps NOW is what will be sown in the next NOW moment.

How though does one know if the seed they want to plant NOW will be accepted by the soil? How about we keep it simple? Firstly hook the audience, then having learned what is important to the audience, drop that salt.

A hook would be anything strong and captivating to grab the attention of an intended listener. Like grabbing the horse by the rains and tugging at that bit. Then salt their perspective with a statement, question or story. Asking questions is a fantastic and simple way to keep the audience engaged.

There are a few simple steps to complete, when able, prior to beginning the process of planting value needed in another. When there is time taking a moment NOW to follow these steps will over time increase one’s ability to use these skills without awkwardness in every NOW moment.


1. Describe the audience

2. As best able in knowing the audience list their needs, and desires as relevant to what is going to be shared.

3. Simply define the idea, product or service and the opportunity it represents to the audience

4. Define how or why what is shared will best benefit the audience. There are a lot of salt brands why would this one be best?

5. List any concerns, fears or excuses that may arise when sharing

6. Prioritize the concerns, fears, or any reasons the audience may have to object.

7. List a solution to overcome each concern, each fear, or excuse.

Following these steps not only enforces the value being shared but also allow the audience to hear. Matthew 25:40 says, “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Always seek to honor the audience by understanding their wants and needs. Present ideas, products or services in such a way that not only motivate the audience toward purchase or action NOW but fostering a situation as shared in Matthew 25:21.

Offering an opportunity to the audience inspiring an action of growth doubling the gift given rather than hiding the gift until the master returns. NOW each moment gifted by God one is able to double the gift given rather than hiding away the gift presented.

Any fool can see value when presented, Matthew 25:24. It takes more than cool tricks and a colorful presentation to create life changing value that lasts beyond NOW.

See NOW or Stumble

In seeking to see, be careful not to see and learn too much that seeing self and those in the direct community becomes difficult. Becoming like the people referenced in Matthew 13:14 serves little benefit. Response ability begins with awareness. Avoid responding without being aware of what effect words have or mean as an expression of the heart.


Have a response ability which bears the weight of the challenges faced by those in the direct community. Seek to see what words, what tone, what method is needed to reach the person being spoken to.


What is focused on expands. Matthew 13 shares the Parable of the Sower. A farmer throwing seed to different soils is the same as sharing value with different audiences. Expand the awareness of the audience the same as a farmer learns the soil.
Great things will always be remembered. What is a great thing to each person is different. So like the horse led to water. To keep traveling the horse must drink. Most people have heard the phrase about leading a horse to water. No different one can speak but the words are not always heard.

NOW aware feeding a horse salt it drinks what does that have to do with reaching people? First listen to the audience and learn what is important and needed from the perspective of the audience. Choosing to not see others NOW would be like choosing to look at the world without color.


For example try convincing a Christian that God is not real when miracles have been seen, healing taken place. A non-biblical example would be Sept 11, 2001. How easy it is to remember exactly what was being done and where one was that day when the news was first heard. Using an example of great emotional connection is the salt of conversation that allows the audience to hear what is needed.

Listen and learn what is important and relate the important personal detail to the audience when sharing. Same as the farmer aerates the soil, before seeding and then fertilizes a plot of land. So one must do with others when sharing what is important to oneself.

Jesus used the same method to reach people in his time. People of his era and region often lost their sight due to sun, sand and poor medical knowledge. Referencing a loss of sight was the greatest method to dramatize what he wanted to share.

A salesman trying to explain how a potential customer is losing money every month choosing a lesser product or service might throw pennies in the air or borrow a bill from the customer, burning it in front of them. Seek to see the audience that they might see what value is being shared.