Mario Then and NOW

I remember as a kid learning the patterns of Mario. What happened when and where to complete each level. Things have changed a bit with time.

Some things remain the same. Hit a block and get the ability to fly, shoot fire, flash in rainbows seemingly untouchable. Every Mario fan has their favorite perk.

Flying is great but I see no need to feel the falling crash feeling.

Shooting fire may be cool for dragons but don’t people use supplements to keep stomach, digestion and cholesterol on a GREAT level?


Flashing multiple colors may be cool when in the 20’s but one learns this simply is not healthy. Besides the invincibility isn’t as it feels to be. We can all agree the price is paid in the days and often years after.

Nah I will take the bigger, better and more style to life. Who wants to live longer, have more strength, better energy, an increased pep in the step when going up the stairs?

Which brings us to the plus size mushroom. Nobody knows how long their life will last but everyone can live more NOW!

When that moment of reflection comes, and it will, is life going to have passed by or will the moment be of remembering a great life?