How to Get Leads NOW, Without Selling

I’m curious, is the title of this post of importance NOW? If yes then would it be okay to ask a question?

When talking to anyone friend, family or new contact on the street what is purpose?

Is the action an act of desperation to put a bit more in the pocket or an act of service, helping the unique community as only each of us can? Be of service, get to know the contact. Until one feels valued no suggestion will matter. Build rapport, be classy, create emotional not rational connections.

Simply being a “nice” person is not gonna cut it. Building rapport is not about being a charming snake but bringing value. Getting to know the person and not the needs that can be fished from them by steering a conversation but what is learned when contacts express a need.

One’s true purpose will show to a prospect that is even half awake. Can we agree that half efforts get one nowhere? Half way being desperate and half way being professional is 100 percent indecision. Not being 100 percent committed then how can anyone be expected to follow?

That indecision will be interpreted as doubt and create a barrier to gaining customers and recruits. The impression of not being totally transparent does not bring value when approaching someone.


Why approach anyone?!? When feeling the need to approach someone, stop! Ask what has been done wrong where approaching anyone NOW seems like a good idea. When the product or service offered is the solution being looked for then living out the system should create an opportunity for people to approach on their own.

When bringing value those who need “it” will come. Does the candle chase the moth? No the candle provides light and heat which draws the moths prey. Be the candle burning brightly providing a solution to draw in those needed

Remember when bringing value recruiting and sharing the product or service NOW should be something done FOR others not something done TO others.

Do not share a link or business card in the first meeting! What happens to that fancy, shiny, colored mail flyer from Direct TV or others? It’s been known by many for centuries that people don’t want to be sold but rather like to make choices. Show such a genuine interest in another that they too express an interest. Only when one wants to see a solution should it be offered, never before.

Be of service, bring value! Matt 25:40. A favorite question when hearing a problem shared with a known solution is, “When do you want to hear a solution to that?” Keep what is needed for demonstrations on hand too that in each NOW moment the best value can be shared!

When mastering Aristotle’s 4 cardinal values, Prudence, Temperance, Courage, and Justice interested leads should flow naturally to the business.