Find Success NOW, Without Recruiting!

Gathering knowledge is not a neutral activity. It creates responsibility both to self and those within reach. In the technological era NOW that reach is far and wide.

A problem that seems technical and complicated is only so NOW. Once having “knuckled down” and attacking a challenge one creates a formula for success or identifies a way to not approach the same challenge in future NOW moments.

It is often temping to think the problem is too complicated and decide the solution is hiding somewhere in the details. When one decides NOW is a time to think, do not neglect to be informed by any and all past experiences of both self and others.

Once one makes a choice, NOW is the time to commit and take action. In the end as long as a lesson has been learned to apply in future moments NOW, the ordeal is not a failure regardless of the outcome.


When facing a confusing or challenging choice be sure to learn. Not learning NOW removes the opportunity for a satisfactory solution to be realized in a great way.

Learning alone is only part of the journey. Start a business and start getting paychecks but still not learning? Well those checks will only reach such a number and stop growing or start failing until the learning continues.

Create successful ad campaigns online for business at a conversion rate to sales of 10-15%? Fantastic! What happens when copy pasting that campaign to others? Yeah the results get harder and harder to achieve until one understands what leads to the satisfactory conversion. Mastery occurs when 10-15% is just the starting point and one becomes the expert.

Sure a solution to making it work has been found but without understanding why how will the process ever improve? To find incredible success at anything one must not be afraid to do what is needed to become “the expert”. Becoming the expert is to the student as the expert is to a master.

The expert of the craft does not really mean mastering the “fine print” but grasping the complexities of the whole picture. Understanding why “it” works and accepting the reasoning for this the truths behind “its” success.

Get a mentor! Consulting an expert can bring tremendous value and in the end is it any different than trying to understand “the fine print” or find a “magic formula”? Even after consulting the experts, studying the past, learning the fine print one must still make a choice.

In a 925 situation one learns, does and gets paid. Being self-employed one is taught, does and then teaches. Go find a mentor to partner with in the pursuit of dreams NOW!