Gold brick vs Goldbrick

While the “gold brick” analogy allows one to carry on offering the product, service or opportunity in the face of rejections is there more to it?

The analogy is not simply about bricks of gold. Gold bricks vs goldbrick is no different than the struggle within each person every moment of NOW vs Later.

Sure there are golden opportunities, products and services out there. The products or services offered by others direct to one’s mailbox are better in price as advertising can be cut.

As with anything do the research. Remember the single most expensive thing to own is ignorance!


Sadly, following the Pareto Principle 80% of people or “it” frankly sucks.

Most people suck, most of the time when compared to others in any given area or aspect of life. No Cynicism this is a truth in life. One can find a pyramid system in nearly every aspect of life.

Church. 20% of the church is the Pastor/ Pope and other leadership at the top. In the seats faithfully each and every Sunday are most people. At the bottom are those Holiday visitors, come 1-2 times a month or when feeling low in life types.

Business. 20% of the people hold 80% of the money while 80% share the other 20%.

The J.O.B. situation? CEO and board members are the 20% at the top making 80% of the decisions and money. Management and other employees get paid the 20% left over and make little decisions.

So golden bricks. In every action and area of life to be in the top 20% one must be providing others a gold brick. The first step NOW is to make a change NOW!

Jim Rohn once said, “Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process”. Whether giving or receiving if junk is exchanged that’s no good!

Is the fantastic opportunity the best that one is aware of or goldbricking the family, friends and anyone else in order to line pockets?

Is the business started to transform the lives of as many lives as possible? Is the business model to pass off as many goldbricks possible? People realize the efforts invested no matter how well hidden.

Being real and assuming all people intend to be good… *retch* I choose NOT to say that. Most people are selfish and want to be good! Thinking it will not turn dreams into truth.

How does one defend against hard earned money serving as pocket lining?!? By doing research!

What can be learned about the product, service or business?

What do they know about the business and how do the two “truths” align?

What is being asked of one’s role with the product, service or opportunity?

What does the salesperson gain collecting others investment of trust and $$$?

How long must one use the product, service or pursue the opportunity to satisfy expectations and define value?

These are simple truths in theory yet difficult to take a moment and define. Doing so will put one at a level beyond average in all things pursued.

Looking at a new diet pill or other product, service or business then be sure and get the best possible from it!

DO the home work NOW or fail the class! Starting a business without an awareness of these key questions will result in failure 80% of the time or more.

It does not take much to grab paint and turn a brick gold. Going out into the world to create a gold brick and then giving it away is a totally different matter.

In each moment NOW one must define whether to be a gold brick or a goldbrick.