Your Fish Aren’t Looking NOW

Most people would see that title and wonder what’s going on. How do fish have anything to do with accomplishing goals, pursuing success and taking action NOW?!?

“The Fish” are the best kept secret to addressing fears associated with tasks and learning the lessons needed to move forward NOW!

The answer is as simple as the question asked and lies in a story about Louis Agassiz, an American scientist in the 19th century. See Louis was an expert on glaciers, fossil fish, and living fish. He was also a teacher.

When Louis taught classes at the university level new students were ‘broken in’ with a seeming;y simple task. When graduate students first joined Agassiz’s lab, they were given a tray containing a small, ordinary fish.

Agassiz would tell students to study the fish without damaging it. To observe, read about the fish and talk to others about it.

Remember that first great business idea or first direct sales opportunity and dreaming the money would just come rolling in simply? This is just what the students thought of their assignment.

Thinking this assignment minor, after a short time students would return to Agassiz to report what they had learned. Lacking interest in their reports, the students learned they were expected to do more than glance at their fish.

The results needed to understand their fish did not come after a few hours, days or even several weeks. Mastering every intimate detail happens over a period of time. By the end of the assignment students knew their fish better than anyone else and had moved from student to expert status.

In fact they learned an even greater lesson. More than the patterns of scales, coloring of the eyes and other fish details they mastered the value of learning! They mastered the importance of developing an attention to detail and what can only be learned through continuous hard work.

Be consistent in pursuits that efforts can be measured towards learning. The teacher did earn their title after a few simple efforts and over night. When thinking everything is figured out put that big head down and learn more!

“Look at your fish” until what is not NOW known becomes known!!! Analyze the results and be creative in developing a plan to accomplish the goals of the heart.

Forget the status quo, stop worrying about others opinions,  and take action NOW! Remember no passing grade will be earned until the student learns what has been put in front of them.