To Be Like Sisyphus or Not NOW?

Greek mythology tells the story of Sisyphus. The self-aggrandizing founder and king of Corinth condemned in Tartarus for his  craftiness and deceit.  His punishment was an eternity pushing a boulder up a hill, then watching it roll down again hitting him.

In life are we not all pushing a proverbial rock?!? For the sake of this post and the analogy let this be truth regardless of one’s personal view.

So does one push their “rock” uphill or choose the easy path, pushing across the flat ground?


Pro vs Con of rock across the ground;

Pro – Pushing rock across the ground is easier
Con – No matter where one goes there is still the same rock to push

Pro – Pushing rock across the ground one gets to new places
Con – One cannot see around the rock to decide make informed choice in direction

Pro – There is little risk of injury in the rock falling back on oneself when stumbling
Con – Moving across flat ground is monotonous and the view doesn’t change
(The only option is to be just a rock pusher)

Pro vs con of committing to push the rock up “the hill”

Pro – One gains much greater strength and skills in pushing the rock uphill
Con – The rock becomes infinitely more challenging to push uphill

Pro – Getting to the top one will be able to see where they are and where to go next
Con – When stumbling the rock may cause injury, slowing or stopping the desire to push anymore

Pro – When getting to the top the rock will very easily go downhill
Con – When going downhill the rock moves very quickly and often quite suddenly

Pro – Many different methods often are required to get to the top
Con – Many methods indicated many ways to “fail” in attempts

The more challenges faced, the more opportunities to grow, the more one keeps pushing and the more past experience there is to inform one of what to do NOW. Whichever way one chooses to live NOW the level of investment matches the value gained!

When finding the temptation to question the choice another makes it is important to ask why. Looking to another for the purpose of learning brings value where simply degrading their choice brings the opposite. Not only has one’s own progress across flat ground or uphill been stopped to judge another but learning and growth stops completely.