How to Get Leads NOW, Without Selling

I’m curious, is the title of this post of importance NOW? If yes then would it be okay to ask a question?

When talking to anyone friend, family or new contact on the street what is purpose?

Is the action an act of desperation to put a bit more in the pocket or an act of service, helping the unique community as only each of us can? Be of service, get to know the contact. Until one feels valued no suggestion will matter. Build rapport, be classy, create emotional not rational connections.

Simply being a “nice” person is not gonna cut it. Building rapport is not about being a charming snake but bringing value. Getting to know the person and not the needs that can be fished from them by steering a conversation but what is learned when contacts express a need.

One’s true purpose will show to a prospect that is even half awake. Can we agree that half efforts get one nowhere? Half way being desperate and half way being professional is 100 percent indecision. Not being 100 percent committed then how can anyone be expected to follow?

That indecision will be interpreted as doubt and create a barrier to gaining customers and recruits. The impression of not being totally transparent does not bring value when approaching someone.


Why approach anyone?!? When feeling the need to approach someone, stop! Ask what has been done wrong where approaching anyone NOW seems like a good idea. When the product or service offered is the solution being looked for then living out the system should create an opportunity for people to approach on their own.

When bringing value those who need “it” will come. Does the candle chase the moth? No the candle provides light and heat which draws the moths prey. Be the candle burning brightly providing a solution to draw in those needed

Remember when bringing value recruiting and sharing the product or service NOW should be something done FOR others not something done TO others.

Do not share a link or business card in the first meeting! What happens to that fancy, shiny, colored mail flyer from Direct TV or others? It’s been known by many for centuries that people don’t want to be sold but rather like to make choices. Show such a genuine interest in another that they too express an interest. Only when one wants to see a solution should it be offered, never before.

Be of service, bring value! Matt 25:40. A favorite question when hearing a problem shared with a known solution is, “When do you want to hear a solution to that?” Keep what is needed for demonstrations on hand too that in each NOW moment the best value can be shared!

When mastering Aristotle’s 4 cardinal values, Prudence, Temperance, Courage, and Justice interested leads should flow naturally to the business.


Where to Find Salt NOW

Farmers know what most people forget. Choose the right soil and fertilize appropriately when planting certain seed to reap the best results. 2 Corinthians 9:6 is a favorite verse to describe what one reaps NOW is what will be sown in the next NOW moment.

How though does one know if the seed they want to plant NOW will be accepted by the soil? How about we keep it simple? Firstly hook the audience, then having learned what is important to the audience, drop that salt.

A hook would be anything strong and captivating to grab the attention of an intended listener. Like grabbing the horse by the rains and tugging at that bit. Then salt their perspective with a statement, question or story. Asking questions is a fantastic and simple way to keep the audience engaged.

There are a few simple steps to complete, when able, prior to beginning the process of planting value needed in another. When there is time taking a moment NOW to follow these steps will over time increase one’s ability to use these skills without awkwardness in every NOW moment.


1. Describe the audience

2. As best able in knowing the audience list their needs, and desires as relevant to what is going to be shared.

3. Simply define the idea, product or service and the opportunity it represents to the audience

4. Define how or why what is shared will best benefit the audience. There are a lot of salt brands why would this one be best?

5. List any concerns, fears or excuses that may arise when sharing

6. Prioritize the concerns, fears, or any reasons the audience may have to object.

7. List a solution to overcome each concern, each fear, or excuse.

Following these steps not only enforces the value being shared but also allow the audience to hear. Matthew 25:40 says, “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Always seek to honor the audience by understanding their wants and needs. Present ideas, products or services in such a way that not only motivate the audience toward purchase or action NOW but fostering a situation as shared in Matthew 25:21.

Offering an opportunity to the audience inspiring an action of growth doubling the gift given rather than hiding the gift until the master returns. NOW each moment gifted by God one is able to double the gift given rather than hiding away the gift presented.

Any fool can see value when presented, Matthew 25:24. It takes more than cool tricks and a colorful presentation to create life changing value that lasts beyond NOW.

See NOW or Stumble

In seeking to see, be careful not to see and learn too much that seeing self and those in the direct community becomes difficult. Becoming like the people referenced in Matthew 13:14 serves little benefit. Response ability begins with awareness. Avoid responding without being aware of what effect words have or mean as an expression of the heart.


Have a response ability which bears the weight of the challenges faced by those in the direct community. Seek to see what words, what tone, what method is needed to reach the person being spoken to.


What is focused on expands. Matthew 13 shares the Parable of the Sower. A farmer throwing seed to different soils is the same as sharing value with different audiences. Expand the awareness of the audience the same as a farmer learns the soil.
Great things will always be remembered. What is a great thing to each person is different. So like the horse led to water. To keep traveling the horse must drink. Most people have heard the phrase about leading a horse to water. No different one can speak but the words are not always heard.

NOW aware feeding a horse salt it drinks what does that have to do with reaching people? First listen to the audience and learn what is important and needed from the perspective of the audience. Choosing to not see others NOW would be like choosing to look at the world without color.


For example try convincing a Christian that God is not real when miracles have been seen, healing taken place. A non-biblical example would be Sept 11, 2001. How easy it is to remember exactly what was being done and where one was that day when the news was first heard. Using an example of great emotional connection is the salt of conversation that allows the audience to hear what is needed.

Listen and learn what is important and relate the important personal detail to the audience when sharing. Same as the farmer aerates the soil, before seeding and then fertilizes a plot of land. So one must do with others when sharing what is important to oneself.

Jesus used the same method to reach people in his time. People of his era and region often lost their sight due to sun, sand and poor medical knowledge. Referencing a loss of sight was the greatest method to dramatize what he wanted to share.

A salesman trying to explain how a potential customer is losing money every month choosing a lesser product or service might throw pennies in the air or borrow a bill from the customer, burning it in front of them. Seek to see the audience that they might see what value is being shared.


How-To Responding NOW

How many reading this have been to a restaurant and had a horrible experience? When dining out most people want that server who strives for professionalism yet still seeks to bring the greatest sense of personal value and importance for each guest in addition to an incredible meal.

A server is a lot like a messenger bird; communicating with guests, providing recommendations to patrons by sharing special menu items or rare liquid treats prepared at the bar, and communicating selections to the Chef and Bartender.

Servers spend hours of their life navigating picky and obtuse requests from dining guests while being yelled at by the chef or kitchen staff. Often enduring condescending and rash remarks from guests, bartender and kitchen crew.

The veteran server learns quickly when to respond or not. Pointing out to guests how their poorly timed requests at each table visit negatively affect others’ meals or how the Chef’s yelling inspires a one way trip to the car will not accomplish anything NOW.

Thinking back to a poor dining experience where upon arrival, with reservation, the hostess devalued the party members with poor attention to detail and not having the table ready. Then, once seated, the charming server made mistakes. The food delivered was not what was ordered.

Sure, the plate had been delivered by another server to a different table. Then management tried to offer this plate from the other table. NOW at this point with so many mistakes patience had worn thin. Most people when facing a situation that is less than expected do not respond well.

Sure, though calmly addressing the server’s mistakes with intent to improve the situation, one’s remarks may have inspired a fear of returning to the table.


In the moment, keeping a calm tone against rising frustration may consume great energy. It would be easy to feel pride in the moment for exercising such calm. This pride would really be a distraction and defense against guilt of not bringing value to the evening. Party members were probably not impressed either as the words used, though calm, did not foster a harmonious, enriching experience.

Consider the server who does not just serve a guest’s needs or wait on requests but must anticipate what both the guests and kitchen staff will need. Conveying a spirit of calm charm at the table and combating sweaty, Spartan style aggression from kitchen staff wielding sharp, shining tools and verbal abuse moments later in the kitchen.

Think of a time when a certain outcome was expected and deeply desired yet what was desired by the heart did not go as best hoped. It’s been said sharing what the heart really feels to another can’t be done. Can one implant the emotional desire in another so it is felt by the person being responded to?

The phrase goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. This simply is not true. Unless the horse is sick and will not eat, feeding well salted outs will inspire drinking every single time.

NOW the only option is to inspire change within self. The host who makes idiotic remarks is easily forgotten when seated in the great environment, clean table, and the bright smile of a genuinely caring gratuity employee. How can one best respond in the moment when events NOW do not go as hoped? How can one address the situation NOW best so it is salted towards the best results for all involved?

Response ability will make or break any server’s career just the same as creating or destroying personal and professional relationships NOW when poorly executed. Most people do not respond perfectly NOW in the “heat” of a moment. With the ideal timing and proper planning every person would respond perfectly using “salt” and other persuasive techniques to perfectly share a perspective with others.

NOW Some Bible Backup

Be a good steward NOW. The belongings and responsibilities NOW carried will not increase until good stewardship has been mastered. The fundamental basis of property and life management for the Christian belief is stated clearly in Psalm 24 saying everything in the world is God’s.

Colossians 3:23 admonishes the wisdom of doing all things as if to God. Would whining, making excuses and denying one’s role in a situation be acceptable when caring for property or people belonging to God? Would it be okay to chew out employees, take advantage of coworkers or coming home from a long day shed the burden felt on those in the home? The behavior of others is never justification for the choices one makes themselves.

Was God standing among the community NOW would there be a change in the effort given to any endeavors? If everything on the Earth is of God and belongs to Him how can one not do their best NOW to increase the value of the moment?


The past is intended for study that one may be informed NOW of how to behave. Easy as it is to be prideful of the effort invested and the results, Deuteronomy 8:17, what does the very next verse have to say? Deuteronomy 8:18 counsels, “Remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth.” Also Proverbs 16:18 informs one that pride will precede a failure. This is God speaking in effort to remind His people that what is here on the Earth His not the people.

Called to be stewards of this Earth which exists only NOW; it is each person’s responsibility to bring value not just to the material things but the moment. As in Matthew 25 and Luke 19 God rewards those who use what is given to create more value. Matthew 25:20, given 5 bags of gold the servant used the gold to create 10.

NOW gifted with a moment how it is used will determine the value in the next moment. Accept the responsibility to bring value NOW how much greater will the subsequent moments be that God gifts one with?

Matthew 25:24 shares how the servant took 1 bag of gold and buried it. Should one allow fear of loss be the excuse keeping action from occurring there will be no reward. To not take action NOW is rewarded no differently than using the moment to tear others down. The servant making excuses out of fear may not have sought to destroy but feared failure more than God was feared and did not seek to bring increased value to the gift given.

Each moment NOW may not be a bag of gold but currency and gift intended to be invested and grown into more. What can be done in each moment NOW to bring more value to others improving on the gift of life given?

Be Bull Headed NOW

Walking, talking and problem solving skills are learned in the beginning of life then continually improved, by some. The temperament one is born with dictates how the world is seen. Then during school years the same topics are studied at about the same times as other classmates.

How many remember the sophomore year of High School or College and how small and unaware the freshmen students were? The freshmen just struggling with the difficulty of adjusting to class load and other class details when then was NOW.

That separation in development continues with greater and greater degree during life. Before it has been said, “birds of a feather flock together” and other things like it. Business owners say things like your bank account will be decided by the company kept.

In the pursuit to be more like one’s ideal self NOW than yet in life, building the right inner circle and shareholders is absolutely paramount. As the stork occasionally will look up from the water NOW to see a flamingo in the flock so one will encounter difficult situations with people.

When seeking to improve oneself NOW; the practice of seeking new skills and knowledge will at times create a sophomore feeling. In the moment NOW one may find ample frustration in times greatest art, dealing with people. All have a unique temperament and way of seeing the NOW moment. Once that graduation certificate has been earned most people think they have arrived and know all they need NOW. Those who seek more NOW often find it increasingly difficult to relate to the “freshmen”.

King Solomon shared such profound value when he shared the wisdom of guarding one’s heart “above all else”. The NOW moment is ruled by how well the heart is guarded and lead. Will the floundering, unaware behavior of another become a distraction from the desires of one’s heart leading to a freer, more passion filled life? Working so hard in each NOW moment sacrificing so much in discipline; remember to be flexible with these “freshmen”.


Galatians 5:13 says to be of service. Then Proverbs 4:23 advises to guard the heart as it will determine the course of life. Then Matthew 7:1-5 shares the wisdom that each person has their own life to live. Each person carries the responsibility to guard and lead their heart. With such a plethora of personality, temperament and informative past experiences it is best to take leadership from the example of a bull.

The bull stampeding along is like the momentum one builds in seeking the heart’s deepest passion. The greatest energy is expended in creating the momentum. What happens when a bull running down the street encounters shelves of priceless china? A bull when encountering obstacles in the path too large to jump over or quickly run around he maintains flexibility in focus, slows down to carefully navigate the temporary obstacle. Once clear of the shelving obstacle the bull will resume running.

The lives of those the NOW moment are shared with are just as valuable to all parties involved. Like the bull if one runs through the temporary obstacles NOW things will be broken. One must be accountable for their response-ability in each NOW moment. Cleaning up a mess will distract from goal accomplishment more than a temporary pause in momentum.

At this very moment there is a need for the unique opinion which can only be shared by one person with a specific temperament and set of past experiences. Guard the heart and do not neglect to listen to it in every NOW moment. As Philippians 4:8 says continually focused NOW on what is true, noble and right based on what most satisfies the heart’s yearning. Be bullheaded not in an obstinate and unthinking way but with awareness and a self-actualized heart of service!

NOW Committed?

Who remembers the Impressive Clergyman from Princess Bride?  Bringing such a quotable line in the story saying, “Mawwage. Mawwage is wat bwings us togevver today”. The clergyman rambled on about marriage much as this post will be able commitment. What would any of us be without commitment? If mothers had not committed 9 months to conception there would be no people.

What commitments have been made since then defining the life NOW seen? Has life until NOW been mediocre choices leading to a life less than satisfactory? Most people lack the commitment needed to make large decisions when the heart craves a direction in life. The most successful people are committed to the heart NOW and doing what needs to be done and unsuccessful people are committed to taking the easy route NOW.

All have heard the phrase, “actions speak louder than words.” Words are wonderful tools in sharing vision. Without vision there will be no goals. Without clarity to define the vision of one’s goals no amount of action will lead to goal accomplishment that matters. Once the end goal has been defined, clarity of focus gained action towards goal achievement begins.

Matthew 6:24 says in NIV, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” As in most aspects of life there is no halfway point. One cannot be both successful and unsuccessful. Those who put in the work will reap the benefits.



Each moment NOW is like the old Cherokee tale of two wolves. Each breath is an opportunity to build or destroy. Developing character, self-discipline and momentum towards goals begin NOW. Will actions NOW feed the successful wolf or the wolf of failed expectations? One’s actions will determine the wolf that gets fed.

With every breath life is happening NOW. The successful make the most of every moment. Choosing self-leadership in goal pursuits and committing to the choices made. “Going with the flow” is the motto of one who drifts through life. NOW is the moment to choose to be committed to self and doing what needs to be done or indulging in distraction.

No matter how achievable or extraordinary the heart’s deepest desires set the goals needed to not pursue but achieve the greatness the heart calls for. Commit to controlling self in each moment, the direction actions lead, and the speed at which desires are pursued. Like marriage let the actions of each moment NOW express commitment to the heart.